Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Louis Capazzi Jr.

My name is James F and I am a close family friend of business associates of Louis A. Capazzi Jr. I will admit I am extremely novice when it comes to lawyers and have never needed the services of one. However, being so close with said business associates I get to see what Lou does and how he operates almost on a daily basis. The following is my account of Lou as I have witnessed him.

In my experience as soon as an average person realizes they need a lawyer or hires one, they tend to drag their feet and are just wary of lawyers in general. Some may even try to stay on top of everything a lawyer does in an attempt to understand exactly what they are doing, in order to not get cheated. Mostly I believe this is true because of a stigma that portrays lawyers as slimy con artists. Also that lawyer’s treat clients as walking pay checks and dance around them with complicated legal banter that the layman can’t possibly understand. Hence people think they could be getting screwed. Unfortunately that has been the case for many people in the past. Let’s just face it, people become lawyers for many reasons but always expect to make money from it. Not to mention legal issues are extremely complicated and it takes a lot of time, money and hard work to become an attorney. I’m not saying all lawyers are created equal and that they are all either evil or saints. All I am saying is that thousands of grateful clients over twenty years can’t be wrong about one lawyer in particular. Louis A. Capazzi Jr.

With that being said, I have personally met Lou on a few occasions and been privy to several business conversations in addition to seeing results from many cases he has handled. One of the first things I noticed is his drive. For instance he took a case where the client waited until the day before the date of the sheriff sale and Lou must have stayed up all night but he stopped the sale. In the end he managed to negotiate a loan modification and the client was able to keep their house. In another case a client had been told by another attorney that what Lou does is impossible and curiously watched Lou work the case and subsequently was completely shocked. That lawyer alone brought more clients and attorneys with other clients who had similar troubles and Lou worked his magic to the complete satisfaction of everyone involved. If other lawyers go to him when they can’t do something I think that is a sign of extreme expertise.

Another thing I noticed is that while Lou has plenty of people working for him he does not pass all the work off to other lawyers or paralegals like other large firms would. Lou is hands on and active in every case and knows about everything that goes through his firm. Now we have to keep in mind he is just one person and can’t physically do all the work.

One more of the many traits that make Lou a successful attorney is his work ethic. I fully believe Lou is the true definition of a workaholic. When Lou is at it, he is doing fifty million things at fifty million miles an hour eight days a week and gets everything he wanted to do, done. In order to pull off a stunt like that he has to be incredibly efficient. Lou is also the type of guy that if he says something will get done it will. If it does not he will make it happen and that includes going to the moon and back to do it. Like I mentioned earlier, if Lou has too, he will lose sleep until everything is perfect to his standards. On that note I would like to add that he is a perfectionist in everything he does. This can be proven by the quality of his everyday work, the incredibly high standard he holds to his firm and even to the perfectly manicured landscape at his firm. Lastly everyone who works with him gets a piece of mind that everything that can be done will be done because they know his reputation.

Lou’s vast experience and knowledge in Corporate Law, Bankruptcy Law, Residential Real Estate, Foreclosures, Foreclosures Defense, and Collections make him an expert in all of these facets of law. However Lou is a savvy lawyer and I would trust his legal advice on anything.

In conclusion, Louis Capazzi is an extremely talented hands on lawyer who will stop at nothing to help his clients get the best possible solution to a legal problem. I would recommend him to family, friends, anyone who needs sound legal advice and action. He is licensed in New Jersey so for anyone out of state, you can still go to him and he will recommend someone he knows in your state. If Lou knows them and sends you to an out of state firm, they are good at what they do. Excellence works with excellence.